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Surgical Image Gallery

Images in this section show surgical procedures taking place inclusive of inside the body.


  • Indwelling pleural catheter and draining bottle
  • Videothoracoscopic view of the chest cavity: a whitish pleural plaque is visible, together with cauliflower-like mesothelioma nodules
  • Operative view of pleurectomy/decortication: visceral pleura being stripped off lung
  • Operative view of left lung following pleurectomy/decortication: all visceral pleura has been stripped off the lung
  • Povidone-iodine is being used to wash out the chest cavity following pleurectomy/decortication
  • The chest cavity is filled up with povidone-iodine for 20 min following pleurectomy/decortication
  • Thoracoscope introduced through a 12-mm port in the chest cavity
  • Operative view of VATS pleurectomy: parietal pleura being stripped off chest wall
  • Operative view of thoracoscopic talc pleurodesis: talc has been insufflated in the chest cavity and the lung is reexpanding